Our Rivers – Our History is a collaborative project involving seven museums on the Mid North Coast from the Manning Valley to the Macleay. While going to a museum and viewing artefacts first hand is always the best way to experience exhibits, with the technology of today it is no longer the only way. A new wave of online and interactive museum sites can bring the stories told by objects and museums in to your home, office or online space wherever you are.

The Our Rivers – Our History website seeks to showcase some of the most significant objects held in our museums relating to our rivers and coastal waters which are such an integral part of our history. Each has its own larger story and for more information on each just click the e-hive link. More important we hope such an insight encourages you to visit our museums to discover even more of our stories.

The website also features our Top Ten Tips ways to discover and experience each of the four rivers of the Mid North Coast today to give a sense of their value not only to our history but their ongoing value to who we are today.

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